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    Best practice for reporting issues through Salesforce

    • Product: campusM

    Please find below the mandatory information needed by campusM for any application issues raised thorough Salesforce.

    Missing information in the first contact with campusM Support team may delay the process and increase the resolution timeframe. 




    • Issue Description

    Full details of the issue, giving as much detail as possible with an example of the issue and referencing specific parts of the app

    • Steps to reproduce

    The steps to reproduce the issue. Denoting if the issue repeats consistent ly or periodically (e.g. one out of every few attempts). With the scenario detailed, anyone from campusM should be able to reproduce the issue by following the provided steps.

    Provide screen shots or include a video capture to better illustrate the issue for reproduction.

    • Credentials to recreate the issue

    Provide Username to login and reproduce the issue (in case the test user provided to Ex Libris is able to produce). In case the user Ex Libris has is not valid/for the scenario, an updated Password should be provided as well.

    • Expected Result

    This describes the behavior that is not occurring when running through the reproduction steps, but which is expected / by design.

    • App version

    Provide affected app version

    • Devices affected

    Clarify device (model) / OS Version

    • Affected environment

    HockeyApp Sandbox (test), Live / Production App Store



    • Article last edited: 06-03-2018
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