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    Sending Notifications to End-Users


    This overview provides information on the various end-user notification options.

    Library Mobile enables institutions to send alerts to their users. These are delivered as push notifications for the native iOS/Android apps and in app alerts on the web app/portal.

    The user receives a push notification on their device. Tapping on the push notification takes the end-user to the list of alerts. New and unread alerts are highlighted at the beginning of the list.

    When the user taps on one of the notifications, the full notification details display.

    Notifications can be deleted using the Delete icon or the end-user can choose to retain the message and return to the list of notifications. Notifications can be accessed at any point from the main menu on the native device or the alerts tile in the web app.

    Notification Center App.png

    Notification App

    For more information on engaging students with push notifications, click below.

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    Notification Center

    Notification Center in App Manager (Notifications) enables app administrators to send notifications to one or more end-users. Targeted information can be sent to specific end-users by creating a notification group. End-Users may automatically be subscribed to notification groups based on their app roles or they may be able to select which notifications they receive by subscribing to or unsubscribing from notification groups. See: Sending Notifications to End-Users from the Notification Center.

    The Notification Center dashboard displays the number of notifications sent in the last month alongside the percentage of users that have read the notifications.

    The last day's worth of notifications display. Use the filters or search function to locate and display notifications sent over the last 30 days.

    App Manager.png

    Notification Center

    BCC Notifications

    A useful way to send notifications from Library Mobile is the BCC method. Once set up, it is simply a matter of sending an email, adding your organization's alerts address (see below) to the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) field. The email is then converted to a notification and sent to Library Mobile users' mobile devices, displaying on the lock screen of Apple and Android devices. The email is sent as usual with the addition of the notification. See the article on How to Send BCC Notifications.

    Send Alerts/Push Notifications API

    The Library Mobile Send Alerts/Push Notifications API enables institutions to send alerts to their users. Use the API to send alerts to an individual user, multiple users, or a notification group.

    For more information on the Send Alerts/Push Notifications API see Send Alerts Push Notifications.

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