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    Publishing the App

    After you save most changes in the App Manager, the end-user sees the changes when they log out and in to the app or switch profiles. You can force these changes to appear immediately to the end-user by publishing the app.
    The following changes display immediately to the end-users even if you do not publish the app:
    You publish the app in either of two ways:
    • When configuring services (see Configuring Services), select Save & Publish to publish all service changes.
    • Publish selected changes on one of the Publishing pages (see below).
    You can publish some or all changes on one of the Publishing pages (App Settings > Publishing > Publish Content).
    Publishing Page (general)
    On these pages, each column corresponds to a profile; the last column is used to publish changes for all profiles. Each row corresponds to a Library Mobile feature. On the general Publishing page, the features are:
    For each profile/feature that is available to publish, the corresponding cell displays a checkbox and the date and time that the feature was most recently changed.
    To force changes to immediately appear to end-users, even if they are currently logged into the app:
    1. For each profile, or for all profiles, select the features to publish. If you do not select a particular feature/profile, end-users of that profile will still see the changes for that feature when they log out and in to the app or if they switch profiles.
    2. Select Publish. End-users connected by carrier are asked to update the app (they can defer the update). For other end-users, including end-users using devices connected to Wi-Fi and end-users using a web app in a browser, the changes are seen immediately.
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