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    Oracle PeopleSoft

    Product Information

    Category Student Information System (SIS)
    Product version Campus Solutions 9.2 People Tools 8.52
    API Documentation

    About Oracle PeopleSoft

    Oracle's comprehensive Campus Solutions suite is the leader in fulfilling higher education's requirements for a student system, enabling the transformation to a global campus–for today and the future. Much of the information your institution needs is about its students. Because of this, Oracle focused first on creating and continually enhancing a comprehensive, functionally-rich student information system (SIS). PeopleSoft Campus Solutions provides institutions with support for the full student life-cycle from prospects through enrollment to alumni management.

    Integration Overview

    The campusM integration with PeopleSoft has different services available. Click on each of the services below to find out more information:
    • Grades: displays students’ grade details for an institution and by semester. This data includes cumulative GPA, term GPA, subject, course name and course grade.
    • Class Schedule: displays students’ class schedule by month (on web), weekly (on app), allows student to view details for a specific class. 
    • Personal Details: displays students’ directory information
    • My Advisor: displays contact information for a student’s advisor and/or key contacts
    Click on each of the above services for detailed information.

    Integration Method

    • API (Integration Broker)

    Integration Broker Architecture

    Integration Broker Diagram.png


    There are several prerequisites to the campusM integration with Oracle PeopleSoft::
    Prerequisite Additional Information
    PeopleTools 8.50 or higher  
    Provide PeopleSoft API URL/hostname for:
    • Test environment 
    • Production environment 
    Provide a minimum of three (3) test accounts containing  comprehensive and typical data, including the following:
    • Courses
    • Grades
    • Advisor
    • Personal Details
    The test accounts should allow testing the integration according to the Suggested Testing Guidelines. i.e. should support authentication / log into the app as the test account been provided and run complete end-to-end testing of the integration functionality.
    Set up Integration Broker  See Implementing PeopleSoft Integration Broker
    Set up the Integration Gateway The minimum setup requirement to run an integration gateway are:
    1. Specify the gateway URL (See Defining Integration Gateways)
    2. Specify the Oracle Jolt connection string properties to enable communication with each PeopleSoft Integration Broker node that will be involved in an integration that uses a gateway (See Setting Oracle Jolt Connection Properties)
    3. Set and encrypt the keystore password (See Configuring Security and General Properties)
    Configure Integration Gateway for handling services:
    • Navigate to: PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Services Configuration
    • Define the services namespace and the schema namespace. 

    See Understanding Configuring PeopleSoft Integration Broker for Handling Services.

    Integration Broker Setup - 1.png

    Define the Target locations:
    • Navigate to: PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Services Configuration -> Setup Target Locations hyperlink

    See Setting Target Locations for Services.

    Integration Broker Setup - 2.png

    Register Nodes with the network
    • Set the network node password
    • Confirm that integration gateway keystore values are set
    • Register nodes with the network
    Activate the application server domain:
    • Navigate to: PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Services Operations Monitor -> Administration -> Domain Status 
    Update security on service operation permissions  
    Using QAS_QRY_SERVICE, Create queries or Execute Existing queries for each tile

    See Query Access Service Operations.

    Integration Broker Setup - 3.png

    Integration Broker Setup - 4.png

    Publish and Export the WSDL to the Client Application (campusM connect layer) 

    • Navigate to: PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Integration Setup -> Services (QAS_QRY_SERVICE)
    Integration Broker Setup - 5.png
    Provide Student API credentials/Security token (username and password)  
    Provide PeopleSoft ID mapping and lookup method
    • Username or numerical student ID 
    • LDAP lookup or SAML attribute
    Provide Term field format and definition.  
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