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    The Holds product integration allows students to view information related to their university holds.


    The Holds product integration currently supports the following vendors:

    User Experience

    The following section describes information relating to the user experience for the Holds product integration.

    User Activities

    • Students select the Holds tile and their holds information is displayed.
    • The total number of holds is displayed for students on the Holds live tile.


    The Holds product integration requires the user's identifier from the vendor's system. This is obtained with token-based authentication attributes.

    The connection to the vendor is handled as part of the generic API Configuration component (in App Manager, in the product instance). This is found under the Vendor section on the configuration page.

    Offline Support

    No offline support is provided, since the data would not be current, and it is preferable to have no data rather than potentially inaccurate data.

    Holds End-User Interface

    The following are the two components of the Holds user interface, as seen by the student. The Holds tile shows that the student has three holds. When the student selects the tile, the Holds page opens and displays details about their holds. 


    Holds Live Tile


    Holds Page

    Technical Overview

    This section describes technical information for the Holds product integration.


    The following prerequisites are required to configure the Holds product integration:

    • User identifier mapping
      • If you have CMAuth configured, map the relevant vendor ID in the integration profile (Additional Mapping), for example: bannerId=employeeID, where employeeID is the relevant user attribute on the vendor’s backend system.
      • If you have LDAP configured, verify that the relevant attribute is returned as an attribute from the LDAP response.
    • Map the relevant user ID in the integration profile for the app profile.

    Required Format

    Select one of the following links to learn about the required format for that vendor:

    Ellucian Banner 9 (XE) Vendor

    • campusM uses the following API call to fetch the Holds data:


    • The following is an example of a JSON response for the Holds API:



                   "fromDate": "2019-06-01",

                   "holdTypeCode": "AT1",

                   "holdTypeDescription": "Athletic Hold1",

                   "processAffectedDescription": [



                   "reason": "contact ext.2540",

                   "toDate": "2020-12-31"



                   "fromDate": "2019-06-01",

                   "holdTypeCode": "AT2",

                   "holdTypeDescription": "Athletic Hold2",

                   "processAffectedDescription": [



                   "reason": "contact ext.2540",

                   "toDate": "2020-12-31"



    Ellucian Colleague (Custom) Vendor

    • campusM uses the following API call to fetch the Holds data:


    • The following is an example of a JSON response for the Holds API:



              "Type": "SA",

              "Description": "Student Accounts Hold"



    • A direct connection to the Ellucian Colleague (custom) API is required. Any middleware or client-specific implementation causes the API response to deviate from what the cloud platform is expecting.

    Ellucian Colleague (Web API) Vendor

    • campusM uses two API calls to fetch the grades data:
    • The first call is because the Colleague Web API authenticates via a session token:


    • The second call is to retrieve all holds for the student:


    Oracle PeopleSoft

    • Create a PeopleSoft query that meets the following requirements:
    • The API call must be in the following format:

    GET https://{host}/PSIGW/RESTListeningConnector/ExecuteQuery.v1/PUBLIC/{query name}/JSON/NONFILE


    • These are the query parameters that need configuring:

    isconnectedquery: N

    maxrows: 0 

    prompt_uniquepromptname: USER_ID

    prompt_fieldvalue: {USER_ID value as a Token Property}

    json_resp: true


    The following table describes the configuration options available for the Holds product integration.
    Note that while the majority of these fields are not mandatory, they are displayed with their default values unless otherwise stated.
    Configuration Option Description Mandatory Data Type Default Example
    Manage Integration
    Enable Product Integration Select to enable the product integration on the user's campusM app. No Checkbox Unchecked  
    Product Integration Description A description of the product integration for internal use Yes String    
    Screen Title Appears in the top header (of the integration, in the app). No String Holds  
    Vendor Name Defines to which vendor the integration connects Yes Drop-down list   Colleague
    API Configuration - for Banner XE and Colleague (Custom)
    This section contains the API details  to define the API structure. You can test the API configuration. See Adding a Product Integration.
    Base URL to retrieve the information The URL for the API server Yes URL  
    Parameter Input Option The parameter input option for Banner ID or Ellucian Colleague (custom). Possible values: Username, Token Property, and Constant. It is sent as the path parameter. Yes Drop-Down list   Token Property
    Authentication Type Select one of the following options:
    • No Auth
    • Basic - username and password for Base64 basic authentication.
    Yes Drop-down list    
    API Configuration - for Colleague (Web API) and Oracle PeopleSoft
    URL to retrieve the information The URL for the API server. Yes URL   https://{HOST}
    URL Query Parameters Any query parameters required. No Parameter    
    URL Path Parameters Any path parameters required. No Parameter    
    General Headers

    Any additional headers required.

    Note - when using the Colleague Web API , we require one to be configured:

    Header Key: X-CustomCredentials

    Header Value: colleaguewebapitoken

    The Header Key can be changed if your Colleague server accepts a different key name, but the Header Value cannot be changed.

    Yes Header    
    Authentication Type Select one of the following options, according to your Colleague server setup:
      • No Auth
      • Basic Auth
    No Drop-down list   No Auth
    Parameter Input Option

    The parameter type for Colleague ID required for the Colleague Web API.

    Possible values: Username, Token Property, and Constant. Typically this is the user's "username" attribute.

    Yes Drop-down list   Username
    Token Property Name

    If "Token Property" is selected for Parameter Input Option, enter the property name to be retrieved from the token ({ USERNAME, MAIL, GIVEN_NAME, SURNAME, FULL_NAME } or as named in the integration profile).

    Yes (if Token Property) String   username
    Web API - for Colleague (Web API) only
    Proxy ID Required to fetch the session token. Yes String    
    Proxy Password Required to fetch the session token. Yes String    
    Token Expiry The time in hours to store a web API session token for, up to a maximum of 24 hours. No Integer 1  
    Holds Page
    More Details Button Link This will redirect the user out of the campusM app to the target URL No Checkbox Selected  
    More Details Page URL Specify the external URL of the vendor website Mandatory if More Details Button Link was selected String    
    Open More Details Link Externally Determines whether the link opens in-app or in the user's external browser   No Checkbox Unselected  
    Input Date Format The format of the dates coming back from the API No Date format YYYY-MM-DD  
    Display Date Format The format in which to display time throughout the integration No Time format

    hh:mm a

    Additional Fields
    Code The code as returned in JSON Yes String    
    Label The label for this field Yes String    
    Display if empty Select to display the field even when it has no data No Boolean False  
    Live Tile Live Tile Live Tile Live Tile Live Tile Live Tile
    Enable Live Tile

    Select to enable holds Live Tile

    No Boolean False  
    Badge Color   No Color Picker   #4d194c
    Look and Feel
    Primary Theme Color Used for the Screen Title header and other header elements. No Color Picker #444444  
    Secondary Theme Color Used for the Grade block headers. No Color Picker #6f8ea4  
    Text / Labels Enter replacement text for the default titles and labels No String    
    Holds Page Title The page title No String Holds  
    Affected Text Used for the Affected block header No String Affected  
    Date Label Used for the Date block header No String Date  
    More Details Button Link If the more details button link is enabled, this controls the text user sees No String Go to website  
    No Data Message This message will appear when there is no holds data for the user No String No holds found  
    Service Failure Message This message will appear when the integration is unable to reach or process the service call correctly. No String The page is having trouble fetching your holds – please try again shortly  
    Import/ Export Configuration
    You can configure product integration and then export it to another campusM environment, for example, from sandbox to production or from preview to production.  
    Export Create a JSON file with all product integration configuration. No      
    Import Use this option in order to load configuration from JSON of an exported product integration. No      
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