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    The Laundry product integration integrates with the campus laundry service and allows users to monitor laundry service availability.


    The Laundry product integration supports Circuit as a vendor.

    User Experience

    User Activities

    The Laundry product integration allows users to view the availability of the washing machines and dryers in the campus laundry rooms.


    The following is an overview of the Laundry product integration user interface for a reference when configuring it.
    After selecting the Laundry tile, a list of available laundry rooms appears:
    Laundry Rooms
    The number of available machines appears. Click the laundry room for more information.
    available_machines.png Laundry-3.jpg
    Available Washing Machines Available Dryers
    The available machines are displayed along with their availability status.


    No authentication is required on the user side.

    Offline support

    Offline support is not available.

    Technical Overview

    Communication with the vendor, Circuit, is according to the API call structure defined in the Vendor area of the configuration section.
    The following API calls are used:
    • getRoomData
    • getNumAvailable


    To configure the Laundry product integration, select Add Product Integration from the Product Integrations main menu option.
    Select Laundry and the following configuration page appears:
    The following table describes the configuration options available on this page.
    Configuration Option Description Mandatory Data Type Default
    Enable Product Integration Select to enable the product integration on the user's campusM app. No Checkbox false
    Product Integration Description A description of the product integration for internal use Yes String  
    Screen Title The title that appears in the top header of the service No String Laundry
    Look and Feel      
    Primary Theme Color Select a color for the main elements on the page No Color Picker #444444
    Secondary Theme Color Select a color for the secondary elements on the page No Color Picker #6f8ea4
    Button Background Color The background color of the buttons No Color Picker #D6D9DB
    Text / Labels Enter replacement text for the default titles and labels No String  
    Image Location The location of the images of the laundry rooms.
    The image name must be the same as the laundry room name, in lowercase, without spaces, and in jpg format.
    No String  
    Vendor Name Select the Vendor Name and enter the vendor information to allow Laundry to integrate with the vendor API. No Dropdown  
    URL to retrieve the information The URL of the vendor service Yes String  
    URL Query Parameters Query Parameter to send to the rooms API: location. Yes String  
    Authentication Type Select API Key. Yes Dropdown  
    Header: Key Enter: X-API-KEY Yes String  
    Header: Value The Circuit header API key Yes String  
    Query Param: Key Enter: api_key Yes String  
    Query Param: Value Enter the private API key Yes String  
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