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    The List product integration displays list of items either configured in the App Manager or received from a REST API. It is possible to display a brief view of the items in the campusM home page. The items can be linkable to external URLs.


    The List product integration is supported currently by the RESTful API vendor or by basic App Manager configuration.

    User Experience

    The following section describes information relating to the user experience for the List product integration.

    User Activities

    • Users can view lists of items in the live tile (home page) and view the full list after clicking the tile.
    • The user can view a filter page (optional) and select a filter to display the lists for that filter.
    • The user can mark items as favorites and view them in the Favorites tab.
    • The user can search items via a searchbar.
    • The user can filter items by due date (when enabled) such as, done, due, overdue, etc.


    When using the REST API vendor, the connection to the vendor is handled as part of the generic API Configuration under the Vendor section. The first part of the API Configuration details the URL to which to connect and any parameters that are required. The second part relates to the API Authentication for the URL, which is vendor-specific, and could also be specific to the vendor instance the client is running.

    Offline Support

    List data is cached on the user’s device.

    Favorites and checkbox selections can either be cached per device or in the database (shared between devices).


    The following is an overview of the List product integration user interface for reference when configuring it:

    Select Filter (the preliminary filtering page is not mandatory)
    To Do List with Favorites Selected
    filter_tab.png to_do_list.png
    To Do List Without Favorites Selected
    Links Without Favorites
    to_do_list_no_favorites.png links_no_favorites.png
    Favorites with Checkboxes
    To Do List with Checkboxes
    Favorites.png To Be Done List.png
    To Do List with Searchbar  
    ToDoSearch.jpg ToDoList.PNG

    Live Tile

    A 1*2 live tile displays the first few items in the list. Items can be configured to link to external URLs.

    First Category Second Category Only One Category, Without Category Title
    catagory1.png catagory2.png list_live_tile_no_category.png
    To make the live tile active, the borders in the tile must be disabled. This is done by putting the following in the Tile Config code:

    "hoverBorderColor": null,

    "borderColor": null

    Technical Overview

    The following section describes technical information for the List product integration.

    To retrieve the data with an API, create an API that applies the following requirements:

    • The API receives as a query parameter a user parameter that receives the user's identifier as configured in the API configuration.
    • The API is in the format:
    • The API returns a JSON response with the following structure:
          "categories": [
                  "categoryTitle": "Semester Dates",
                  "filter": "Filter 1",
                  "action": "description",
                  "itemsArray": [
                          "itemTitle": "Review semester start date",
                          "description": "Make\nsure you are aware\n\nof the key dates at the stג€¦luding\norientation week, online training and\nmore"
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                          "itemTitle": "Review semester end date",
                          "description": "Ensure you complete all the tasks needed to complete the term successfully"
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                  "categoryTitle": "Don't Forget",
                  "filter": "Filter 1",
                  "action": "none",
                  "itemsArray": [
                          "itemTitle": "Pay your fines and fees"
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                          "itemTitle": "Return library books"
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                          "itemTitle": "Checkout from dorms"
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                          "itemTitle": "Recycle materials"
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                  "categoryTitle": "Links",
                  "filter": "Filter 2",
                  "action": "URL",
                  "itemsArray": [
                          "itemTitle": "Facebook",
                          "url": ""
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                          "itemTitle": "Instagram",
                          "url": ""
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                          "itemTitle": "Google",
                          "url": ""
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                          "itemTitle": "Twitter",
                          "url": ""
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                          "itemTitle": "Linkedin",
                          "url": ""
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
                          "itemTitle": "Buzzfeed",
                          "url": ""
                          "image": "https://exampleImage.png"
    Response Mapping
    Field Name Type Description Mandatory Yes/No
    categories Array The array of categories Yes
    categoryTitle String The title of the category Yes
    filter String The title of the filter Yes unless Enable Preliminary Filters Page is not enabled
    action String (one of 3 options: "URL", "description" or "none") The action for the items in the category Yes
    itemsArray Array The array of items per category Yes
    itemTitle String The title of the item Yes


    String The description of the item. Yes when the category action is "description"
    url String The URL for the item to link to Yes when the category action is "url"
    image String The URL for the image for the given item that displays on the live tile No
    dueDate String The due date for the item. Must use DD/MM/YYYY formating. No

    The lists can also be configured directly on the configuration page.

    Product Integration Configuration

    To configure the List product integration, select Product Integrations > Add Product Integration and select List.
    The following table describes the configuration options available on this page.
    Configuration Option Description Mandatory Data Type Default Example
    Manage Integration
    Enable Product Integration Select to enable the product integration on the user's campusM app. No Checkbox Unchecked  
    Product Integration Description A description of the product integration for internal use Yes String    
    Screen Title The title that appears in the top header of the service No String Registration Status  
    Enable Preliminary Filters Page Select to enable the preliminary filters page No Checkbox Unchecked  
    Enable Favorites Select to enable favorites No Checkbox Selected  
    Enable Checklist Select to enable checklists No Checkbox Unchecked  
    Checklist Progress Bar – Controls for displaying the progress of completion for each of the lists.
    Enable Progress Bar Enables or disables the progress bar for each individual list. No Checkbox Unchecked  
    Text - "Progress" The text inside the progress bar, next to the value. No String Progress  
    Progress Bar Type Determines how the progress is formatted. Either a percentage value, i.e. "40%", or a fraction, i.e. "4 of 10". No Array Percentage (%)  
    Categories Progress Bar
    Enable Progress Bar Enables or disables the progress bar for each category. No Checkbox Unchecked  
    Text - "Progress" The text inside the progress bar, next to the value. No String Progress  
    Progress Bar Type Determines how the progress is formatted. Either a percentage value, i.e. "40%", or a fraction, i.e. "4 of 10". No Array Percentage (%)  
    Due Dates Configuration
    Enable Due Dates Select to enable due dates. No Checkbox Unchecked  
    Due Date Display Format The format in which to display the due date. No String ll  
    Due Soon Popup Choose the number of days before due date to display popup reminder. No Number 7  
    Due Soon Popup Title Label   No String You have items due soon.  
    Due Soon Popup Button Label   No String Show me  
    All items With Due Date Label   No String All items With Due Date  
    Done Items Label   No String Done  
    Due Items Lable   No String Due  
    Overdue Items Label   No String Due Soon  
    Done Icon Color   No Color Code #178932  
    Due Soon Icon Color   No Color Code #e6c100  
    Overdue Icon Color   No Color Code #db2828  
    Enable Searchbar Select to enable searchbar. No Checkbox Unchecked  
    Vendor – This section defines the structure of the APIs used in this product integration.
    Vendor Name Defines to which vendor the integration connects, either RESTful API or Configuration. Yes Drop-down list   RESTful API
    API Configuration
    This section contains the API details to define the API structure. You can test the API configuration. See Testing API Product Integration Configuration.
    Base URL to retrieve the information The URL for the API No URL  
    User Input Identifier
    Parameter Input Option The parameter input option. Possible values: Username, Token Property, and Constant. It is sent as the path parameter. No Drop-down list   Usrename
    Token Property Name Enter the property name to be retrieved from the token ({ USERNAME, MAIL, GIVEN_NAME, SURNAME, FULL_NAME } or as named in the integration profile) No String   USERNAME
    Constant Value The value when the user identifier is set to Constant No String    
    API Authentication
    Authentication Type Authentication type against the web service. The options are the following:
    • No Auth
    • Basic - username and password for Base64 basic authentication.
    • API Key - can be added to a Header or to the URL (Query Param) or both.
    • Bearer token
    • OAuth Using User App Authentication – select an OAuth integration profile (from the Integration Profiles configured in App Settings) and choose where the access token should be added, Header or URL.
    • OAUTH Using Client Credentials – select this if you are using a preliminary token call to get the access token.
    No Drop-down list No Auth  
    Categories and Items – These fields display when you select Configuration as the vendor.
    Category Title The title for this category No String   Category 1
    Filter The title of the filter to which this category belongs No String   Filter 1
    Action The action for this category – External URL, description, or none. No Object None  
    Item Title   No  String   Item 1
    Image URL The URL for the image for the given item that displays on the live tile – if this field is not populated, the image block does not display on the live tile No URI    
    Description The description for this item No String   Description 1
    External URL The URL for this item to link to No URI
    Due Date Please enter a date in the format DD/MM/YYYY. Leave empty if there is no due date. No String   23/04/2021
    Caching Location The location where favorites and checkbox selections are cached.  No Object Device (local storage)  
    Cache Expiry The number of days the cached data is saved in the database No Number 365  
    Live Tile
    Enable Live Tile Select to enable list Live Tile No Checkbox Selected  
    Show Category Title   No Checkbox Selected  
    Flip Through Categories   No Checkbox Selected  
    Flip Rate   No Number 1  
    Look and Feel
    Primary Theme Color Select a color for the main elements on the page No Color Picker #444444  
    Secondary Theme Color Select a color for the secondary elements on the page No Color Picker #6f8ea4  
    Page Title   No String To Do List  
    Favorites Page Title   No String Favorites


    Filter Page Title   No String Select a Filter Value  
    Home Label   No String Home  
    Favorites Tab Label   No String Favorites  
    Search Bar Text   No String Enter search term...  
    Search Button Text   No String Search  
    No Search Results Text   No String No Results  
    View More Button Label The label for the View More button on the live tile No String View More  
    No Favorites Message   No String You have no favorites saved  
    Error Message   No String Something went wrong. Please try again later.  
    Import/ Export Configuration
    You can configure product integration and then export it to another campusM environment, for example, from sandbox to production or from preview to production.  
    Export Create a JSON file with all product integration configuration. No      
    Import Use this option in order to load configuration from JSON of an exported product integration. No      
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