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    The Weather product integration displays the weather forecast for that day and the next two days on the home page, with an option to link to a weather related external link.


    The Weather product integration is supported currently by the following vendors:

    • BBC vendor
    • National Weather Service ( - available in the US only

    User Experience

    The following section describes information relating to the user experience for the Weather product integration.

    User Activities

    • The user can see the weather forecast for that day and the next two days.
    • The user can click the tile and open an external weather Website.


    No authentication required. The Weather product integration can be used by a guest profile.

    Offline Support

    Data is cached.


    The following is an overview of the Weather product integration user interface for a reference when configuring it:


    Live Tile

    We recommend a 3*1 tile size (3 width, 1 height).


    The following section describes configurations for the Weather product integration.

    Configuring the Weather Product Integration

    To configure the Weather product integration, select Add Product Integration from the Product Integrations main menu option.
    Select Weather and the following configuration page appears:
    Configuration Option Description Mandatory Data Type Default Example
    Manage Integration
    Enable Product Integration Check this box to enable Weather No Boolean False  
    Product Integration Description Description for this Weather instance Yes String - Weather
    Vendor Name Defines which vendor the integration connects to. No Object - BBC
    Temperature Unit Defines the temperature unit to display the weather in No Object C  
    Forecast For (Code) Code for the city obtained from the BBC weather website's URL (for example: 2643743 for London from the URL No Number - 281184
    Longitude Longitude of the location for the NWS vendor No Number 0.0  
    Latitude Latitude of the location for the NWS vendor No Number 0.0  
    Live Tile Live Tile Live Tile Live Tile Live Tile  
    Refresh Rate Refresh rate in minutes No Number 60  
    Text/Labels Text/Labels Text/Labels Text/Labels Text/Labels  
    Today Label Select the type of label to display in the first square on the tile, either the current day (for example, Sunday) or the text in the Today Text field. No Drop-down Today London (city name)
    Today Text The text to display in the first square of the tile when you select Today Text for the Today Label field. No String Today  
    Tomorrow Label The label in the middle square. It can be today's name (Day Name) or Tomorrow ('Tomorrow Text' attribute) No Object Day Name  
    Tomorrow Text The label for tomorrow No String Tomorrow  
    Monday Text The label for Monday No String Monday  
    Tuesday Text The label for Tuesday No String Tuesday  
    Wednesday Text The label for Wednesday No String Wednesday  
    Thursday Text The label for Thursday No String Thursday  
    Friday Text The label for Friday No String Friday  
    Saturday Text The label for Saturday No String Saturday  
    Sunday Text The label for Sunday No String Sunday  
    Error message The text to be displayed when there is an error reaching the API No String There was an error retrieving the data  

    Configuring the Weather Live Tile

    By default, the live tile does not link to any other page. For information on how to configure the live tile to link to an external link, see Configuring Live Tile Linking.

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