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    360 KB: ProQuest Consortia-Specific Databases: Collection Policy

    • Product: 360 KB

    What are ProQuest's policies and procedures for consortia-specific databases in the 360 KB knowledgebase?

    In addition to the general 360 KB Database Acquisition and Collection Policy, the 360 KB Provider Data Team has a specific set policies and procedures, in order to accurately represent consortia-specific databases in the knowledgebase:


    • If a consortium purchases a unique set of titles from a provider, the 360 KB team will create a consortium-specific database. The database will be associated with the content provider through which the titles are accessed, and the database name will contain the name of the consortium (usually at the end).
      • For example: Oxford Journals - CRKN is a consortium-specific database through the CRKN consortium, under the provider Oxford University Press.


    • Whenever possible, there should be a single point of contact between the 360 KB and the consortium, which will be either a consortium administrator, or a duly appointed consortium member. The data for consortia-specific packages should be received from this single contact, who will essentially speak for the consortium, and answer questions on representation of titles, etc.
      • In addition, the consortium contact should send regular title list updates for consortia-specific collections, either on an annual basis, or more frequently if needed.
      • In the absence of a primary consortium contact, for example where the provider supplies title lists and is in essence the consortium contact, the KB team needs contact information for the individuals on the consortium side who brokered the deal(s) with provider(s) in case any questions arise.


    From time to time, a provider may change platforms, which will cause URLs to change for general collections as well as consortium-specific databases. In this scenario, we request that the primary consortia contact provide us with updated title lists that contain that contain the updated URLs.


    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 23-Jan-2017
    • Old Article Number: 8636