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    360 Core, 360 Link, 360 MARC, and Summon: Adding ProQuest Ebooks Databases

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    What does my library need to do when we add a ProQuest Ebooks database?

    When your library adds a ProQuest Ebooks database, you need to use the following procedure to ensure your patrons can access content from your ProQuest discovery and management services (such as the A-to-Z list, Summon, 360 Link, and so forth):

    1. In the Client Center, using the Data Management system, navigate to the Database Details page for that database.

    2. Click Edit on the right side.

    3. In the Custom URL field, enter the custom URL that you use to access the database. Use all lower-case letters. For example, your library's URL will be, where "xxxxxx" is replaced with your library's Site ID for ProQuest Ebooks.

      • Do not include a trailing slash in this URL (for example, is incorrect).

      • If the link is incorrect, direct linking will not work in Summon.

    4. Check the Display In checkboxes for all the services in which you want this database to appear.

    5. Click Save to save your changes.

    6. Use the Support Portal (accessible via the More Sites drop-down list above) to notify us, so that we can create your custom, title-level links. In your request, include the following:

      • The database name; and

      • Your ProQuest Ebooks Custom URL.

    • Date Created: 4-Nov-2016

    • Last Edited Date: 4-Sep-2018

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