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    360 Core: E-Journal Portal Administration Console -- Custom Text

    • Product: E-Journal Portal

    How do I use the E-Journal Portal Administration Console to change labels and text?

    This page is part of a larger set of documentation about using the Administration Console to configure your E-Journal Portal.

    The Custom Text page in the E-Journal Portal Administration Console (accessed from the Client Center Home page) allows you to override the default text for any label or message element on the E-Journal Portal pages in each language selected on the Languages tab.
    The custom texts are organized into groups. Clicking on the "+" sign to the left of a group heading will display the custom text description, its default text, and its current text. Likewise, the Expand All and Collapse All buttons at the top of the section will expand and/or collapse all custom text groups.
    NOTE: If you only need to change the format for dates displayed to patrons, please see the Tips section below.
    Custom Text
    There are a few ways the custom texts can be filtered:
    • The language drop-down menu allows you to change languages as selected on the Languages screen. Custom texts can be customized in these languages.
    • The Basic / Advanced dropdown menu divides the texts into ones that are more commonly customized ("basic") and texts that are less commonly customized ("advanced").
    • The Search box provides the ability to search the custom texts by Description (description of the label or message), Default Text (the text Serials Solutions has chosen for each label or message), or Current Text (the text that currently displays to your patrons (either the default value or a custom text that you have added)). The default is to do a search on Description:

    EJP Admin Console - Custom Text Search

    When you are done using the Search box, click the "x" button and you will return to the display of custom text groupings.



    Custom Text
    • You can view your E-Journal Portal display and find the Current Text you want to search for by clicking Preview on the upper-right side of the Custom Text screen. While in Preview mode, you can conduct searches and view the resulting E-Journal Portal results page.

      If you have several changes to make, it might be more efficient to have another browser window open so that you can view your E-Journal Portal in that browser window, and use your other browser window to make changes to Custom Text.
    • If you only need to change the format for dates displayed to patrons, you will find the Custom Text if you search on the default value of MM/DD/YYYY. You can customize the date display for patrons to an appropriate format. For example, entering dd.MM.yyyy will display dates appropriately for most European countries, yyyy MM dd for Chinese libraries and yyyy/MM/dd for Japanese libraries.
      NOTE: Capital letters and lower-case letters do matter for the date format: The two MMs for "month" must be capitalized, and the dd and yyyy for "day" and "year" must be lower case.
    • Please note that the following groups are primarily used by institutions that subscribe to 360 Link. These groups display in the E-Journal Portal Custom Text page because they primarily are link-resolver features that display on the E-Journal Portal:
      • Citation Linker Form - Populated
      • Citation Linker Form - Unpopulated
      • Citation Linker Form
  • You may include HTML codes (for example, <a> </a> and <span> </span>) in your Custom Text entries if you choose.
    <a> </a>
    <em> </em>
    <strong> </strong>
    <font> </font>
    <div> </div>
    <b> </b>
    <span> </span>
    <hr> <hr /> <hr/>
    <br> </br> <br/> <br />

  • Editing Custom Texts
    When you are ready to start editing custom texts, use the following procedure:
    1. Click Edit in the upper-right corner of the page.
    2. Double-click on any Current Value you want to change, type in the new label or message, then either double-click another Current Value (to start editing that label) or click Save.
    3. If you clicked Save in the above step, you can use the preview mode to see how your change(s) will look. Preview mode is accessed by clicking the Preview button that displays next to the Edit button. Changes will not be visible to patrons until the next day.
    If you want to replace any Current Value with the Default Value, then highlight the Current Value and click the Use Default button. To replace all current text with their respective default text, click Reset All to Default.
    You may make changes to any or all of the Current Values in a single editing session. After you make your changes, click Save, or click Cancel to discard your changes. If you have more than one language selected for your E-journal portal, it is best to edit each language and save the changes before moving to the next language.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 29-July-2016
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