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    360 Counter and Intota Assessment: Effects of Knowledgebase Changes

    • Product: 360 Counter

    What do I need to do in 360 Counter or Intota Assessment when there are changes to providers and databases in the Knowledgebase?

    Occasionally, ProQuest will change a resource (database or provider) in the Knowledgebase, or even remove a resource altogether. The latter can occur when the resource is no longer available for some particular reason (such as a holding removed from a database).
    Most changes to resources in the Knowledgebase do not affect 360 Counter or Intota Assessment data. However, in some rare instances, a resource is removed from the Knowledgebase or is moved within the Knowledgebase (for instance, a database moves to a different provider).
    We will notify you of such situations in the monthly list of upcoming Knowledgebase changes. If a notice there indicates that one of your subscribed resources will be changed in the Knowledgebase in a way that affects 360 Counter / Intota Assessment, you will need to take some actions:
    • Consolidated usage-reports previously uploaded will not change and will remain assigned to the old provider or database. After the change goes into effect, all future reports that you harvest should be assigned to the new provider or database.
    • If you want to easily compare historical data (from the old provider) with data from the new provider, you can re-upload one or more previous years of usage reports (from the original provider) but attach those old reports to the new provider.
    • Because these reports cover a calendar year, when you upload new reports from the provider, they may include statistics from months before the change occurred. If you want to avoid duplicating counts for those months you previously assigned, you should delete the data for the months before the change, so the numbers do not duplicate those reported before the change.
    • If you have added costs to any of the resources affected by a Knowledgebase change, you may wish to migrate your cost and payment data to the new resource.
      • Additional information about:
        • Adding costs: Libraries managing their profile in Intota click here; libraries managing their profile in the Client Center click here.
        • Migrating your costs and payment data: Libraries managing their profile in Intota click here; libraries managing their profile in the Client Center click here.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 26-Jan-2015
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