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    360 Link: Logic Links FAQ

    • Product: 360 Link

    Where can I learn more about Logic Links?

    1. What are Logic Links?

      Logic Links allow you to choose under which circumstances you'd like your custom links to display.

      There are three controls that can be applied to any custom link. Each control offers a separate and distinct functionality, as described below:
      • "Format-specific"
        The ability to show or hide a custom link when a particular format is selected; the default setting is "all formats" for all links.

        Example: We can set the ISSN link to appear only when format = journal.
      • "With full-text"
        The ability to hide a custom link when an article-level link is available. In Logic Links, issue, journal, and database links are not considered full-text links.

        Example: We can hide your ILL links any time that an article link is present.
      • "Require all metadata"
        The ability to require all custom link meta tags to be present in order for a link to appear. It may help to think of this as a more restrictive version of "Conditional Custom Links," but instead requiring just one meta tag to contain data for the link to display, all the meta tags must contain data for the link to display.

        Example: We can hide links to Google Scholar when all meta-tags are not present; so if the "author" tag was missing -- making the link no longer useful -- it would not appear.
    2. Can I make these customizations myself?

      No, we make these customizations for you. If you are interested in applying one of the above customizations to your links, contact us via the Support Portal option near the top of this page and we'll help.
    3. I want my Interlibrary Loan link to take to take the user directly to a "book" request form when the "book" format is selected, and to a "journal" request form when the "journal" format is selected. Can this be set up?

      Yes, we can set this up. This is part of the "format-specific" customization listed above. You can request that the appropriate links be available depending on the format selected.
    4. Can I ensure that an ISBN-search is performed when the user is looking for a dissertation or a book, and that an ISSN-search is performed when the user is looking for a journal?

      Yes, we can do this for you. This also falls under the "format-specific" options.
    5. I don't want users to submit ILL requests if they can find the full-text content elsewhere. Can I hide the ILL links anytime full-text content is present?

      Absolutely; this requests falls under the "with full-text" option. You can request that your ILL links do not show as long as there is a link to full-text content present.
    6. Can I hide the ILL links when full-text content is available from a particular database?

      No, we cannot hide or show links based on particular databases, but we can hide or show them based on general full-text availability.
    7. One of my groups, resources, or links isn't appearing. Why?

      If you have Conditional Custom Links, and/or "Require all metadata" enabled, this is probably why the element is missing. Additionally, if a Resource label does not appear because of a missing meta tag, then any link that falls under that Resource label won't appear either.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 13-Feb-2014
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