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    360 Link: How do I prevent the "We do not have enough information" error from occurring?

    • Product: 360 Link


    When a 360 Link URL is rewritten by a proxy, there is a possibility it can generate a "We do not have enough information" error as seen below:



    Please ensure the following steps have been taken.

    1. If you have encoded the proxy into your base URL (e.g. at a referring source that uses 360 Link to search for full text), make sure you change that at any vendors/providers.

    Your base URL should look like, not or https ://

    2. Adjust your proxy so the domain is not rewritten.

    Make sure there is a NeverProxy directive in your config.txt file if your library uses EZProxy for

    If you use WAM, make sure the domain is not wildcarded in your access table.

    Please contact your proxy vendor if you need assistance.


    • Article last edited: 13-Sep-2018