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    360 Link: Ovid Article Linking

    • Product: 360 Link

    What can our patrons do when the Ovid linking target lands on the wrong article?

    The Ovid linking target syntax does not have a good solution to differentiate articles in the same journal. volume and issue that are also on the same page. Our efforts to resolve this by adding the author parameter introduced additional issues so we have opted to revert back to the recommended Ovid linking target.
    In the event that the link resolves to more than one article, it will default to the first one retrieved. By clicking on the Search tab at the top of the screen the patron can return to the search results page and see all citations retrieved and select the appropriate full text.
    Ovid Search

    • Date Created: 22-May-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 22-May-2014
    • Old Article Number: 10764