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    What is the impact of Google Chrome version 80 on 360 Link?

    • Product: 360 Link

    We have published a security advisory regarding a Google Chrome (80) browser update that may impact 360 Link users. This Google Chrome update will take place on February 4, 2020.

    The only certain way to avoid patron service disruption due to the inability to display full text content in the sidebar and/or the inability to link to the library's authentication application in the sidebar is to disable the 360 Link Sidebar Helper Frame. 


    For more details, see 360 Link: Administration Console - Link 2.0 Activation and Configuration.

    Here are a couple of important details that 360 Link users should be aware of since the 360 Link Sidebar uses HTML iframes to embed external content and links in its pages.

    • Google Chrome (80) may prevent full text content from an external site (provider) from being embedded in an iframe. Some providers already do this, so there is an existing workaround in place.To handle this situation, 360 Link can present a link to the full text so that users can access the content by selecting the link highlighted in the following figure. For configuration details, see 360 Link: Administration Console - Sidebar Exclude Options for Problem Resources.


    • If the library redirects the OpenURL to an authentication application (for example, EZProxy and Shibboleth) that is embedded in the iframe, it will be blocked. To prevent this block, libraries will need to contact their authentication vendor for possible cookie-handling solutions depending on whether the application is a local or hosted service. 

    • Article last edited: 31-Jan-2020