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    360 MARC Updates: Policy for RDA Records Distribution

    • Product: 360 MARC Updates

    What is your policy regarding distribution of RDA records through the 360 MARC Updates service?

    RDA (Resource Description and Access) is a standards effort to develop cataloging rules that are scheduled to supersede the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd edition (AACR2).The work on the standard took place under the auspices of the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (JSC). RDA is designed for the digital world and an expanding universe of metadata users.

    In November 2010 a pilot for RDA cataloging was conducted by several libraries in the United States. After reviewing the results of that pilot, the Library of Congress announced that "RDA Implementation Day One" would be March 31, 2013. Training for Library of Congress staff on RDA cataloging began in June 2012.

    As of November 2012, the 360 MARC Updates service included RDA and AACR2 records. Changes have been made to our systems to accommodate the new RDA MARC fields. The default customization for the MARC record service is updated to modify the RDA records so that they are sent to clients in as close to AACR2 format as possible. This includes adding a 245|h subfield to records and stripping the 33x fields, removing the subfield e from 1xx /7xx fields and moving data from the 264 field into a 260 field as appropriate.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 3-Dec-2018
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