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    360 Core: 360 Core and Client Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    Where do I go for answers to general questions about 360 Core and the Client Center?

    1. How do we update our print holdings?

      To include print holdings as part of your ProQuest' services, you need to create a library-specific holdings database, also called library-managed holdings. Follow instructions here to get started.

    2. How do we add a database to our library's 360 Core profile?

      Use the e-Catalog search box at the top of the Client Center to find the database, then change the Status to Subscribed. More detailed instructions are available here.

    3. How do we remove a database from our library's 360 Core profile?

      From the Data Management page, click on the name of the database. Then change the Status to Not Tracked. More detailed instructions are available here.

    4. We subscribe to only some titles in a database. How do we set that up in our 360 Core profile?

      You need to make the database "selectable." From the Data Management page, click on the name of the database. Then in the Title Coverage field, check the box that says, "We subscribe to only some of the titles in this database." Further instructions are available here.

    5. I accidentally changed a selectable database to "Not Tracked." Did I lose all of our selected titles as well?

      No, you did not. Just add the database back to the list by changing it back to Subscribed. The system retains your selected titles.

    6. How do we customize our E-Journal Portal (A-to-Z list)?

      You can customize your E-Journal Portal A-to-Z Title Sorting in the E-Journal Administration Console. For more information, see How to configure the E-Journal Portal and How to configure the E-Journal Portal Language Settings.

    7. I just made changes in the Client Center; why don't I see those in the E-Journal Portal?

      Changes made to the E-Journal Portal are not reflected until the next day, after we update our servers in our daily cache build.

    8. How do I change my Client Center password?

      If you are able to access to the Client Center, then follow these instructions.

      If you are not able to access the Client Center:
      1. Go to the Client Center Login page

      2. Click Forgot your password?

      3. Type your email address and click Reset my password

      4. A new, temporary password will be emailed to you. When you log in with that temporary password, you will be required to change the temporary password to one you create yourself.

      If you are still locked out, contact us using the Support Portal option menu near the top of this page.

    9. I tried to log in too many times, and now I am locked out.

      See the question above for password-reset information.

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