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    360 MARC Updates: Delivery Schedule

    • Product: 360 MARC Updates

    When we change the status of a journal or database in the Client Center, when do we get the update for the MARC record?

    Your MARC profile is essentially a monthly snapshot of your Client Center profile. MARC reports are run and delivered between the 6th day and 15th day of the month. (Any exceptions to this schedule will be communicated to clients affected.) Changes made in the Client Center go into effect the next day for the MARC reports; therefore, any required changes should be made to your profile no later than the 5th of every month to be included in that month's MARC reports.
    This time frame exists because, after the 15th of every month, our data team starts to update databases again. That database update process can trigger changes because a provider may be tracking a title in a slightly different version. For example, if "20/20" becomes "Twenty-twenty" in the new title list, that new title would be removed from association with ssj0055547 because it does not match a current alternate title. The alternate titles in our system currently are: "20/20 (New York, N.Y.)", "20/20", "20/20 (N.Y. N.Y.)", "20, 20", and "Twenty/twenty". So the dash -- instead of a slash -- would break the association. Our catalogers work to repair broken associations before the next report run, to prevent a false delete from being delivered. This is the reason for the MARC delivery timelines.
    It is not always possible to work within that time frame. Should your library ever add or remove a large database mid-month, we can run an occasional mid-month update. If you would like to request a mid-month update, please let us know:
    1. The date of the last update you loaded; and
    2. The date the changes were made. (If you added a new database that day, we would need to wait one day to run the records.)
    During normal delivery time, re-run requests may take several days to be processed. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 20-Feb-2014
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