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    360 Resource Manager: Data Population Service

    • Product: 360 Resource Manager

    What is the 360 Resource Manager Data Population Service?

    The ProQuest Data Population Service is available to libraries subscribing to 360 Resource Manager after June 10, 2012. Its purpose is to populate e-resource management data into 360 Resource Manager on behalf of subscribing libraries at the beginning of the subscription term. This service is intended to facilitate the initial population of e-resource management data and is not available on a continuous basis throughout the term of the library's subscription to 360 Resource Manager.
    Libraries that began their subscription to 360 Resource Manager before June 10, 2012, can purchase this service. Contact your account representative for more information.
    We will provide project-management and data-entry services to your library. For this service to be successful, we will need a primary point of contact at your library for the data-population project, and we will need your ongoing participation and timely responses in order to complete the project within our designated timeframe.
    The Data Population Service is available for the following data sets in 360 Resource Manager:
    • Contacts
    • Cost information
    • Licensing data
    • Administrative details for your electronic resources
    • Vendor statistics metadata and COUNTER-compliant vendor credentials
    To have us populate your data, these conditions must be met:
    • Your library needs to provide data to us in an agreed-upon, field-delimited format. That way we can clearly map the data to the appropriate fields in 360 Resource Manager.
    • Data should fall clearly into one of the data sets above; it is recommended that you choose one 360 Resource Manager data set to have us work on at a time.
    The Data Population Service is just one option for getting your data into 360 Resource Manager at the beginning of your subscription. You can also use our License Template library, License Data Uploader, the Cost Data Upload tool, and the Contact Importer API, as well as a variety of other features in 360 Resource Manager.
    We provide free training so that you can learn to enter your data and utilize the features of 360 Resource Manager. The Data Population Service is not a replacement for this training. To maximize your investment in 360 Resource Manager, you should manage and update your data manually on an ongoing basis.
    The standard workflow for a Data Population Project is as follows:
    1. Our staff will provide initial training on 360 Resource Manager.
    2. After training, you can determine whether and which data sets you would like to have us populate. You may also decide to begin adding data on your own at this time, either manually or using any of our tools.
    3. We will work with you to suggest an appropriate field-delimited format for your data.
    4. Once we receive your data, we will analyze the data with your input, and determine how to best map library data to appropriate fields in 360 Resource Manager.
    5. We will manage the upload of the supplied data.
    6. When the data is available, you can take advantage of ongoing training and workflow consultation to build workflows, customize your experience, and take advantage of centralized data.
    If you have further questions, use the Support Portal option above.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
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