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    360 Resource Manager: Data Management Overview

    • Product: 360 Resource Manager

    How do we populate holdings in Data Management so that we can attach things like contacts, notes, and so on to our resources?

    One of the first steps in implementing 360 Resource Manager is to populate your library's holdings information in the Data Management page of the Client Center. Administration, contacts, cost, license, notes, and vendor statistics datasets can only be attached to resources that are on your Data Management page. You may want to add resources as soon as you begin your evaluation/information tracking for a product so you can attach things like contacts, notes, and so on to the resource being evaluated. Use the Menus tool to customize resource status values to reflect the various stages of progress in your e-resources management workflow.
    For help on populating your library's holdings information in Data Management, see the following Answers for detailed instructions on adding databases and selecting titles within a database:
    There may be information that you want to attach to a resource that is not in our 360 KB knowledgebase. For example, you might want to include contact information for your Serials Solutions sales representative (as a "Contact") and attach her to the resource "Serials Solutions." Because Serial Solutions is not a content provider, you will not find Serials Solutions in 360 KB, and thus you cannot attach it to the sales representative. In this case, you could create a library-specific holdings database called, perhaps, "Library Services," and add "Serials Solutions" as a "title." You can now attach your Serials Solutions sales representative contact to the title Serials Solutions.
    To create a "Library Services" database, follow the instructions for creating a library-specific holdings database:

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
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