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    Are the following 11 Circ, 1 Acq, & 1 OPAC statistics reports possible?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Are the following 11 Circ, 1 Acq, and 1 OPAC statistics reports possible in Aleph?

    Circ stats by item status for specific date range

    Yes (p_cir_30 does this)

    OPAC usage statistics on indexes chosen for searches

    Yes (SQL on z69)

    Recall summary report including:

    Who has item: Name, ID, Status
    What is the item: Title,author, barcode, call number
    Recall information: Type (leave out the holds), effective due date
    Who wants this item: Name, ID, Status

    Yes; the p_cir_07 Requests Report has some pieces but SQL would be required to get all: z36, z37, z30, z103, xxx01.z13.

    Report that allows to specify a date range and then get the total number of overdue letters created during that period, divided by patron type

    Yes {SQL reading z309 (Circ Logger) for z309_action 16 (Overdue letter created)}

    Report that shows the total number (or percentage) or patrons with overdue material during the course of a semester

    Yes ... similar to previous

    Report that shows the total number (or percentage) of items that were overdue during the course of a semester

    Yes ... similar to previous

    Acquisitions + Items report that would allow us to create acquisitions reports showing the final cataloged location of an item. It would include:

    Item information (e.g. title, location, call number, process status, process status change date)
    Acquisition information (e.g. requester, list price, invoice price, budget, etc.)

    Yes (SQL on z30, z103, xxx01.z13, z68, z601)

    Circulation stats per item by course number in course reserves.

    Yes (SQL on z35, z11 CNO)

    Return list of items within publication date range

    If "Return list" is items circulated and returned, then Yes (SQL on z35 event type 61, z103, xxx01.z13)
    If "Return list" is Approval-plan items returned to publisher, then Yes (SQL on z68, z103, xxx01.z13)

    Overdue report, similar to Cir-04, essentially a list of overdue items for checking stacks before running notices

    Yes (p_cir_04 lacks the call number; SQL on z36, z30 would do this)

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