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    Are "ALEPH" z305 records necessary?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Most patron records have two records in Z305, one with a type ABC50, the other with a type ALEPH in the Z305_REC_KEY. These records are otherwise identical. Some records only have the PAC50 record.

    Why the difference and does it mean anything?

    Though you have 7,368 ALEPH z305's:
    abc50@ALEPH20> select count(*) from z305 where substr (z305_rec_key,13,5) = 'ALEPH';
    *all* of these have a corresponding ABC50 z305:

    abc50@ALEPH20> select substr (z305_rec_key,1,12) from z305 where substr (z305_rec_key,13,5) ='ALEPH' minus select substr (z305_rec_key,1,12) from z305 where substr (z305_rec_key,13,5) = 'ABC50';
    no rows selected

    As described in KB 8192-7319, if you have USER-SHARING=N in the ADM $data_tab/tab100 -- which you do -- there is no need for ALEPH z305's in version 18-up.

    Though the presence of these ALEPH z305's does no active harm, it can be confusing. I suggest that you do the following (on Test):

    1. back up the abc50 z305 table using p_file_03

    2. run this SQL to delete the ALEPH z305's:
    SQL> delete from z305 where substr (z305_rec_key,13,5) = 'ALEPH';

    3. run p_cir_25 to regenerate the z353

    4. eliminate the ALEPH z305 records from your p_file_20 PLIF input file.

    (If you don't do step #4, the ALEPH z305's will just be recreated.)

    If this works OK, then you can do it on Prod.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013