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    Intota: Automated Holdings for Taylor & Francis

    Auto-holdings management saves you time and effort by automating the exchange of ebook holdings (subscribed titles) with provider Taylor & Francis. Based on the NISO RP-26-2019 standard for KBART automation, the process ensures timely and accurate holdings updates without staff mediation.


    • Updates occur weekly, generally in the Saturday/Sunday timeframe.

    • The updates impact database Taylor & Francis eBooks A-Z (code JTX), so you must subscribe to this database to receive updates.

    • Each weekend Ex Libris calls a Taylor & Francis API endpoint and retrieves a KBART-formatted file to upload on your behalf. 

    • You must first obtain a Customer Reference Number (CRN) and grant permission to Taylor & Francis to provide your holdings to Ex Libris:

    Configuring Automated Holdings Management for Subscribed Titles 

    The Taylor & Francis eBooks A-Z (code JTX) database supports auto-management of ebook subscriptions across all Taylor & Francis databases. When auto-management is enabled, title statuses will be updated to either Subscribed or Not Tracked in the Taylor & Francis eBooks A-Z database, not the individual database(s) through which you might license the titles.

    Intota libraries should continue to use the individual Taylor & Francis databases to record e-resource management data (such as payments, renewals, contacts, notes, and so forth).

    When a title's status is set to Subscribed, it inherits the Display In settings from the Taylor & Francis eBooks A-Z database and appears in the following discovery services: E-Journal Portal, 360 Link, and/or Summon.

    To enable auto-holdings management for subscribed titles in the Taylor & Francis eBooks A-Z database:
    1. Search for the Taylor & Francis eBooks A-Z database (JTX) and edit the About section.

    2. Change the Status field to a value other than Not Tracked, and then specify the following fields:

      • Title Coverage – Select the ONLY SELECTED titles option to enable the system to manage only the titles to which you have access.

      • Automate Holdings – Select the Automatic option.

      • CRN – Enter your Taylor & Francis Customer Reference Number.


    3. Edit the relevant Discovery section Display In values.

    Automated holdings updates are processed in the same manner as standard Intota services and Summon discovery updates.  For 360 Link, the EJP, and 360 MARC Updates: once your holdings are processed in the daily cache refresh, updated holdings will be available to your end users. Once the Summon Index has received your updated holdings, they will be available to your end users. Frequency of the Summon Index updating process is described in this article.


    • After the auto-holdings management has been enabled, turn off the Display In discovery settings for any other individual Taylor & Francis databases (such as Taylor & Francis eBooks Economics) to prevent duplicate holdings in discovery.

    • To disable auto-holdings management, remove the CRN value and set the Automate Holdings option to Manual.

    Considerations for Intota Clients 

    Even though discovery will now be managed using the Taylor & Francis eBooks A-Z database, the subscription databases that you license from Taylor & Francis should still be used to record e-resource management data (such as payments, renewals, contacts, notes, and so forth).

    Updated titles display a status of Subscribed, but custom statuses (such as Purchased or License Negotiation) cannot be applied while using Automated Holdings Management.

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