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    Sync Taylor & Francis EBA Pool

    Taylor & Francis

    Rialto works with Taylor & Francis to automatically add and maintain your EBA pool. Taylor & Francis will notify Rialto as titles are added to your EBA pool and Rialto will add them automatically.

    An active agreement with Rialto for a Taylor & Francis EBA program is required to utilize this service. Please contact your Rialto sales or success representative and let us know you’re interested in using Taylor & Francis EBA on Rialto.

    In order for Rialto to request Taylor & Francis EBA holdings, Rialto needs a Customer Reference Number (CRN) from Taylor & Francis. You will need to obtain this as part of initial EBA setup and provide it to your Rialto implementor. To obtain a CRN, follow the steps below. In addition, the steps can be viewed on the Taylor & Francis website.

    How to request a Customer Reference Number (CRN)

    1. Log on to the website as a librarian.

    2. Open the librarian dashboard through user profile.

    3. Click on MARC and KBART tab from the left navigational panel.

    4. Click on 'GENERATE CRN' button to generate the CRN, if not previously generated.

    5. Select Rialto from the list and click on 'GRANT PERMISSION' / 'UPDATE PERMISSION' button

    6. Your CRN will be displayed in Institutional Settings as well as emailed to you from Taylor & Francis Customer Service. 

    7. Send the CRN to your Rialto implementor. If you don't know your Rialto implementor, please contact your Rialto success representative or Rialto Support.

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