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    "Citation year" and "citation pages" fields don't map correctly in ILL request from Alma site (to Aleph)


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care



    We have been working with the University of Minnesota on testing Alma ILL with Aleph ILL. 

    When a journal request is created on Alma and transferred into Aleph we are trying to get the citation year field and the citation pages fields to map correctly into Aleph. 

    **Citation Year field**
    The citation year field displays on “Tab 1 Request Info” as ”Imprint”. 
    The citation year does not display on “Tab 2 Bibliographic Details” “ Year” field. 

    In the APDU from Alma we are getting separate Publication Date field that contains the year of the request. 
    In Aleph the journal article year field was part of the citation. 

    How can we get the year field in an Alma request mapped correctly into an Aleph request? 
    We still need our Aleph to Aleph journal requests to display the correct information, to allow for patron created ILL requests from databases and blank request forms and for printing of requests. 

    We have attached screen captures of an APDU journal request from Alma and how the request looks in Aleph (APDU Alma Article request). 

    As I understand it Alma has only one form for creating ILL requests for either loan or copy and this form has only a publication date field. Is this a factor because as an article request we are looking for citation fields but not getting citation fields from Alma? 

    **Citation Pages field**
    The citation pages displays in “Tab 1 Request Info” as “Description”. 
    The citation pages displays correctly in “Tab 2 Bibliographic Details” “Pages” field. 

    In the APDU from Alma we are getting the pages in the Pagination field. 

    How can we map Alma pagination field into an Aleph citation pages and keep the Aleph to Aleph ILL requests display correctly? 

    Ex Libris staff changed the fix_ill routine on our dev21 in the /a21_1/illsv/tab/import. After that fix, the Issue displays were messed up displaying duplicate vol/issue, etc and out of order (now named fix_ill.dd.20140808). We changed the fix routine to delete the 333 field earlier and some of the sequences which is the current fix_ill routine. It is now displaying the Issue pagination in the DESC field, and the Date is displayed in the Imprint field, not part of the Issue display.


    Development has indicated that 2 entries need to be added to this table: 

    The 2 entries are: 
    300   IllRequest.ItemId.Pagination 
    901   IllRequest.ItemId.VolumeIssue 

    Add the above lines (first confirming that they are really missing), and then stop ue_17 (while dlib'd to illsv), using util/e/18.  And then restart it using util/e/17. 




    • Article last edited: 1-Oct-2017