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    "Directory does not exist" messages written repeatedly to sqlnet.log


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22
    • Relevant for Installation Type:  Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    • Description

      The ./oradiag_aleph/diag/clients/user_aleph/host_nnnnnnnnn_nn/trace/sqlnet.log is being written to over and over with the same  messages:

        Directory does not exist for read/write [/exlibris/app/oracle/product/11r2/log]     [/exlibris/app/oracle/product/11r2/log/diag/clients]

        ls -ltr /exlibris/app/oracle/product/11r2/log/diag/clients
        ls: cannot access /exlibris/app/oracle/product/11r2/log/diag/clients: No such file or directory

      Also, there are multiple log files being generated on the Aleph production instance in:


      On Production this one directory has 1.8Gb of logs.



      This error can be ignored. The above directories are owned by the oracle user, and the aleph user does not have any permission to write files over there.  Creating an /exlibris/app/oracle/product/11r2/log/diag/clients directory may make the message go away.

      If the problem persists, changing the permission to 775 on "/exlibris/app/oracle/product/11r2/log" should allow the aleph user to write files there. But since currently only read permission is granted, this should be done only if necessary (to avoid opening a security hole unnecessarily).



    • Article last edited: 10-Feb-2016
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