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    "setenv word_queue Y" in one library sets it for all libraries

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22

    Problem Symptoms:
    In Aleph 21, the default value for the word_queue variable is "N", but "setenv word_queue Y" in one library sets it for all libraries.

    That is, when the following line is added to the xxx01 prof_library:

    setenv word_queue Y

    "echo $word_queue" gives a value of "Y" no matter what library one is dlib-ed to.

    The default value of "N" is being overridden for other libraries by this xxx01 setenv.

    {This is in contrast to other prof_library parameters (such as "active_library") which vary depending on what library one is dlib-ed to.}

    Working as designed.

    Add a "setenv word_queue" line to *every* library's prof_library file. For libraries that you *don't* want it to be used, specify "setenv word_queue N".

    Note: In order to make a prof_library change for library yyynn take effect, you need to dlib to a different library then dlib back to yyynn.

    Additional Information

    How the word_queue setenv variable (and all other setenv variables) work....

    If you explicitly set one of these variables in one library and then dlib to that library, that variable is set to that value, and remains set to that value until it is explicitly changed by dlib?ing to a different library with a different setting for that variable. For example, assume you have set this value in prof_library for USM01:

    setenv word_queue Y

    If you log on to the server and dlib to USM50 (where the variable is NOT set), this command:

    >> echo $word_queue

    Results in:

    >> word_queue: Undefined variable

    But if you then dlib to USM01 and then do:

    >> echo $word_queue

    The result is:

    >> Y

    And this variable will remain unchanged until you dlib to a library that has the explicit line in prof_library:

    setenv word_queue N

    So if you then dlib back to USM50 and do:

    >> echo $word_queue

    You will still get:

    >> Y

    Category: System Management (500)

    • Article last edited: 12/18/2014