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    001 fields, creating them and overlaying with them *MASTER RECORD*

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    You want to insert 001 fields in your BIB records -- for z39.50, union catalogs, and export/import of records....

    First, we should note that there is *no* requirement any place in the system that a BIB record have an 001 field. It is only when the record is exported, that the inclusion of the 001 field may be necessary. The standard in ALEPH is to *not* have any 001 field and to add the 001 to the record via an expand when it is exported....

    There are 2 fix routines which will create an 001 field with the system number in it: fix_doc_001 and fix_doc_001_prefix_sysno. The former puts only the 9-digit system number in the 001, while the latter includes a prefix (which you specify), usually an ALEPH library code.

    You can export the file with p_print_03, specifying aleph_sequential format and the desired fix routine, and then import with p_manage_18. Or you can use p_manage_37 to fix the records, in place, without export.

    If you are sending the records to z39.50 clients or a union catalog, you can do pretty much what you like with the above. But if you are sending the records for processing and want reload them, using the ALEPH system number for the matching, then there are other considerations.....

    Two complementary programs were developed:

    fix_doc_001_sysno to insert a special 001 on export and.
    fix_doc_001_sysno_inv to match on this special 001 on import.

    The fix_doc_001_sysno_inv removes the special 001 upon import.
    I say "special 001" because the 001 which the fix_doc_001_sysno generates looks like this: EXU01000000000000nnnnnnnnn . (The 5-byte ALEPH library code, followed by 12 bytes of zeros, followed by the 9-byte ALEPH system number.) The idea is that this distinctive format can be used to distinguish these 001s from "real", permanent 001s which need to be preserved on import. Note that some vendors will not accept an 001 field this long; see KB 8192-8329 in this regard.

    Also, if the record has an existing, permanent 001 field, the fix_doc_001_sysno will not generate the special 001..

    Note: the document "How To Export Bib Records for Processing (and Re-Import Them)" discusses the above in detail.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013