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    20.1 util sp: view implementation notes: "Service pack not yet installed"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph

    v20 was installed on our server in early November (after 20.1 was released).

    We have run Upgrade Express and need to see the Implementation Notes for rep_change's 1-2261, but when we do util sp:

    SP. Service Pack Management
    0. Exit Procedure
    1. Prepare/Update Environment
    2. Download latest SP
    3. Check SP download completing
    4. Install SP
    5. Run SP Utility (view implementation notes)

    and enter #5, we get:

    Service pack not yet installed

    The ver command shows:

    aleph> ver
    SUN_OS_2, abc, Aleph 20.1.0 (2261) copy 1, 13-Feb-2009

    If we choose #4 (Install SP), we get:

    installation utility detected
    Service Pack 2261.
    Binary SP file found for SunOS-new
    Options fast = N initial = N
    Error: Your Service Pack level is 2261. sp.utility not found. Exiting.

    We see that there's a Download Center -> Service Packs -> 20.0 -> Aleph-20-Minor-Release-1.xls document on the Doc Portal, but that only talks about the two Mandatory rep_change's.

    How are we supposed to see the Implementation Notes for rep_change's 1-2261?

    Minor Release 20.1 includes all of the rep_change's up to the point of its release (1-171 and 2000-2261), but since it is not a Service Pack, the util sp -- view implementation notes does not work.

    The Download Center -> Service Packs -> 20.0 -> Aleph-20-Minor-Release-1.xls spreadsheet has multiple worksheets. The sheet which displays initially is the Introduction -- with only the two Mandatory changes --, but there are tabs at the bottom for four additional sheets:

    Enhancement Highlights
    Rep_change 2000-2261 (Minor)
    Rep_change 1-2261
    Minor Release Guidelines

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013