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    AIK: "Error: The /exlibris/app/oracle/product/11 user doesn't exist"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Our sys admins prefer to manage the unix users, and have already created aleph and oracle users and their appropriate groups.
    This seems fine for aleph, but not oracle.

    In AIK step 2_4 was prompted for an alternate oracle user name, which I did not enter as it is not needed. There is no older version of oracle on the server.

    Continuing on, step 3_1 fails with this error:

    Error: The /exlibris/app/oracle/product/11 user doesn't exist

    Is there some parameter I need to set somewhere so it will work with the oracle user that exists?
    Or, perhaps the problem is the oracle user's home should be /exlibris/app/oracle/product/11 ?
    The AIK documentation I just downloaded this week says the kit will set it to /exlibris/app/oracle/product/102 which is what the sys admin did, but that seems wrong...

    That error message comes from the failure of this command:

    cat /etc/passwd | grep $ORACLE_HOME

    In the AIK's param_bash.ini file, ORACLE_HOME is set to /exlibris/app/oracle/product/11, and that's also what is showing up in your error message, so I think that's the problem here.

    Change the oracle user's home directory in /etc/passwd to /exlibris/app/oracle/product/11 and that should get you past this problem. This seems clearly to be an error in the documentation. My older version of the doc shows it as 11, so I don't know how that got changed to something backwards.

    I was checking to be sure I had downloaded the latest documentation, and found a new version was posted just today. It has the correct oracle user home directory.
    My older version, downloaded a week ago, was dated Dec 2009.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013