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    ARC "unable to execute reports" error

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    When trying to run reports in ARC, we are getting "unable to execute reports" error.

    We can't login into ARC at all.

    Please follow ARC troubleshooting instructions outlined below. Submit a Pivotal incident if the problem is not resolved after you've restarted the CRN in step 4.

    The following components should be up:

    1. Oracle database and Listener
    2. iPlanet (Sun ONE)
    3. Apache
    4. CRN – must be checked and started/restarted last

    1. Oracle instance and Listener

    sqlplus $ARCCONNSTR@$ARC_SID
    Make sure you can connect to the database using the listener
    If it doesn’t work perform the following to check what is up:
    ps –ef | grep ora
    To start the listener (should be performed as oracle user):
    lsnrctl start
    To start the database (should be performed as oracle user):
    sqlplus /nolog
    connect / as sysdba
    set pause off

    2. iPlanet

    /usr/iplanet/servers/slapd-arc/check-slapd && echo "OK"
    If the iPlanet is up you will get: OK
    You can also check if you can connect to port 390 on localhost:
    telnet localhost 390
    If you need to start iPlanet you should do it as root user:
    Stopping the iPlanet server is not required and not recommended unless the machine is going down

    3. Apache

    To check if the apache is up:
    ps –ef | grep http | grep crn
    To start/stop the apache server:
    cd ~crn/apache/bin
    ./apachectl stop
    ./apachectl start
    If the Apache port is less then 1024 start and stop must be done as root user with full path.

    4. CRN – must be checked and started/restarted last

    Make sure all other components are up
    Check which CRN processes are running:
    you will get a list of running process excluding httpd
    Check that the service is working properly:
    cd ~/cognos/bin
    ./ isRunning
    you should get:
    ReportNet service is running
    To start and stop the crn
    cd ~/cognos/bin
    ./ <start/stop>

    Additional Information

    unable to execute reports ARC error message

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013