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    ARC 2.0 ETL fails

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    The new ARC 2.0 ETL was failing with the message " No such file or directory". It appears that with Aleph 18 service pack item #986 a new parameter was introduced and the default set to "incremental". Why is the ETL failure occurring?

    For the problems that you had with the incremental ETL, you will need to make the following changes. These should be changed in the distribution at some point, but haven't been yet.

    Changes for incremental ETL:

    Edit $aleph_proc/p_arc_01 and change line 53 (or neaby) from:
    source $aleph_proc/

    In $aleph_proc/, change the section below (lines 33-38) from:

    select max( to_char($arc_user.prc_process.EXTRACT_START_DATE,'YYYYMMDD' ))
    from $arc_user.prc_process
    where $arc_user.prc_process.PROCESS_END_DATE is not null
    and (select count(*) from $arc_user.prc_extract_process
    where $arc_user.prc_process.PROCESS_CODE =
    $arc_user.prc_extract_process.PROCESS_CODE) > 1;

    To this:

    select max( to_char($arc_user.prc_process.PROCESS_START_DATE,'YYYYMMDD' ))
    from $arc_user.prc_process
    where $arc_user.prc_process.PROCESS_END_DATE is not null
    and (select count(*) from $arc_user.prc_process_detail
    where $arc_user.prc_process.PROCESS_CODE =
    $arc_user.prc_process_detail.PROCESS_CODE) > 1;

    These changes should allow the incremental ETL process to run.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013