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    ARC fails to start, error message "CAM-CRP-1057 Unable to generate the machine specific symmetric key"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 3

    Problem Symptoms:
    When one enters the command arc_startup the following error messages appear:

    $ ./arc_startup
    25/02/2014,05:56:35,Err,CAM-CRP-1057 Unable to generate the machine specific symmetric key.
    log4j:ERROR Failed to read IPF startup parameters from ICCLConfiguration; error CAM-CRP-1057 Unable to generate the machine specific symmetric key.
    25/02/2014,05:56:36,Err,CAM-CRP-1054 No configuration was loaded.,
    25/02/2014,05:56:36,Err, CAM-CRP-1054 No configuration was loaded.,

    Basic explanation: the encryption keys of the Java Virtual Machine of Cognos have become unusable.
    Possible root cause: the ARC application was copied to another server.

    Back up the existing Cognos configuration file /exlibris/crn/arc3_1/c8/configuration/cogstartup.xml by saving it under a different name, e.g. cogstartup.xml.sav.

    Display the differences between the template file cogstartup.xml.tml and the existing file cogstartup.xml with the following command:

    $ diff cogstartup.xml.tml cogstartup.xml

    Open the file cogstartup.xml in a text editor.

    Replace every line containing the string encrypted="true" with the corresponding XML element from the template file.

    $ diff cogstartup.xml.tml cogstartup.xml
    < <crn:value xsi:type="cfg:credential">
    < <credential>
    < <username>C8AU@_AL_COPY</username>
    < <password>C8AU@_AL_COPY</password>
    < </credential>
    < </crn:value>
    > <crn:value xsi:type="cfg:credential" encrypted="true">MIHjBgkqhkiG9w0BBwaggdUwgdICAQAwgcwGCSqGSIb3DQEHATAKBggqhkiG9w0DBICBshxYPWHcWZMdJmWNjDlNsS0olrLaE2ZmALAlC95gN/svFd2tDLoLtPpS44WeyeWjoYfxw/3mPMV09slkk8tokv9iUxUIOMdsE2R0kKKC2xVpzwoy4x5BtVI8wTEnJJBRKyWI5rfpa/uZ5EDAj0SQwI7Ck2dX06LjRTMhg09ZUkasALn4CpRBp53lKjt0n6W1xoXJ/RoxwF7FiF+AQKUvZ4qo0aDrS2GkTpgrL3spZ7g0DfA=</crn:value>

    Replace the placeholder @_AL_COPY with the value of the UNIX environment variable $ARC_COPY.

    $ echo $ARC_COPY

    In this case the credentials in the file cogstartup.xml would look as follows:


    Save the file cogstartup.xml and make a backup under the name cogstartup.xml.from_tml. That way you will not have to do all the manual editing in Step 4 again if you have made a mistake.

    Start up the ARC processes with the following command:

    $ cd $arce_root
    $ ./arc_startup

    Category: Configuration/ARC

    Subject: Encryption Keys - ARC

    • Article last edited: 3/18/2014