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    Actions in update_bor

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20



    The x-server documentation for update_bor refers to actions of X, U, I, D and A but does not define them. Can you clarify the difference please?


    Internally the X-service update_bor is using the same routines as PLIF (p_file_20). Therefore please refer to "How to Use the Patron Loader Interface (PLIF) (file-20) - 20.pdf", p. 7 for an explanation:

    Each section above has an action associated with it. When an action is sent to the
    p_file_20 job, the data in ALEPH in handled according to the associated section.
    • A – Update if a match is found, and if a match is not found, add a new record with
    the same information. (Combination of I and U) This is the most common action.
    • U – Update all fields in input record. If a record is sent with a U and there is no
    existing record, an error is reported.
    • I – Insert the record. If the record exists already, the insert fails and the record not
    is updated.
    • D – Delete the section of the record.
    • X – Do nothing

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    • Article last edited: 06-Apr-2016