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    Additional items" Are Not Shown and Cannot be Moved to Another BIB Record

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    If the item list for a title / BIB record is long, the system shows “Additional items exist” in the Overview Tree when the Items node is expanded.
    If we need to move an item from 1 BIB to another and the item does not appear in the list, how do we select to move?

    One can either increase the number of nodes displayed or move the item via SQL.

    These u20_1/alephe/tab/pc_server_defaults settings control the node display in the Overview tree (in v20 SysLib Guide, this is discussed starting on p98):
    setenv pc_tree_view_max_branch 10
    setenv pc_filter_tree_view_max_branch 99

    setenv pc_tree_view_max_branch 99
    pc_tree_view_max_branch defines the limit after which the display of the navigation tree nodes in the Cataloging module and in the Overview tree of the Search tab is truncated with an appropriate message. This parameter limits either the number of ADM or HOL links of the given BIB record. If it is set to 5, only 5 ADM records that are linked to this BIB are displayed.

    setenv pc_filter_tree_view_max_branch 99
    pc_filter_tree_view_max_branch defines the limit after which the display of the children of the navigation tree nodes in the Overview tree is truncated with an appropriate message.


    As noted in pc_server_defaults in v20 -up:


      #       pc_tree_view_max_branch and pc_filter_tree_view_max_branch
      #       must be in the range 1-750.


    If both parameters exist, you will be able to see more information. In both cases the trees are limited to 800 lines.



    If you need to move an order from one record to another and even with the max of 750 the record is not displaying, the move would need to be performed via SQL.


    • Article last edited: 01/21/2016