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Aleph 23 MFT patch

  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 23
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


The distribution of Service Pack is moving to MFT (Managed File Transfer). Ex Libris MFT provides a secure and reliable file transfer infrastructure to support the different Ex Libris products.

In Aleph 23.3 - the util SP is updated to use the Ex Libris MFT servers with SFTP, instead of old FTP servers.

Please note that these updates are included in the Aleph Service Packs, as Mandatory AIN.

* Aleph 23  -  Minor Release 3 - SP 23.3.0 -  rep_change #004021

The old FTP servers will be switched of in Q1/2020.


If you do not have the chance to install the Minor Relase before the old ftp servers are switched off, you can used the attached file "aleph23_mft_patch.tar" to implement the new MFT mechanism.


- Download the 'aleph23_mft_patch.tar' file to Aleph 23 server (you can use your $HOME directory).

- Extract by:        

tar -xvf aleph23_mft_patch.tar  

- Run the installation script:           

source aleph23_mft_patch_install.csh  
or by:     

csh -f aleph23_mft_patch_install.csh   


Important note for Customers using OS Solaris:

Aleph Service Pack 23.3.3 (rep_change #004062) is the last Service Pack for OS Solaris.

In order to download this last SP, that supports Solaris you will have to implement the attached util SP program 'util_sp_ftp' to download from a special dedicated directory in the MFT server (directory /23/sp/sun_os_23/). The contents of directory '/23/sp/sun_os_23/' will remain unchanged. 

Replace the file util_sp_ftp in ./aleph/proc/ of your Solaris installation.

Customers using RHEL can continue with the existing util_sp_ftp.


Additional Information

Consult article Aleph 22 MFT patch for version 22

Note: port 10022 needs to be open for outgoing access to the Ex Libris MFT servers in order to enable the new mechanism.


Use aleph23_mft_patch.tar for installation from MFT server.

Use util_sp_ftp to download the last Solaris Service Pack 23.3.3 (rep_change #004062). Note: this file is also included in aleph23_mft_patch.tar.


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