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    Aleph 3rd party products on MFT – patch

    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    This package implements the needed updates in the 'util SP' of Aleph 22 and 23 - to use the Ex Libris MFT (Managed File Transfer) servers instead of old FTP servers, when downloading 3rd party products.


    - Download the compressed patch tar file to Aleph server (22 or 23) (you can use your $HOME directory).

    - Extract by:

    tar -xvf aleph_3rd_party_mft_patch.tar

    - Run the installation script:   

    source aleph_3rd_party_mft_patch_install.csh

      or by

    csh -f aleph_3rd_party_mft_patch_install.csh



    The distribution of 3rd party products is moving to MFT (Managed File Transfer).

    Ex Libris MFT provides a secure and reliable file transfer infrastructure to support the different Ex Libris products.


    The util SP is updated to use the Ex Libris MFT servers with SFTP, instead of old FTP servers. Please note that these updates are included in the Aleph Service Packs, as Mandatory AIN.

    The file - 'aleph_3rd_party_mft_patch.tar ' is the complete patch.

    It contains the following files: 


    SSH Key file.


    List of included 'util SP' files - to update - under aleph_dev. 


    a tar gzipped package of 'util SP' files - to update - under aleph_dev. 


    a CSH script that invokes the installation of all the updates delivered here.

    installing updates - 1st part - update the util SP files.

    installing updates - 2nd part - put SSH key files
    under /exlibris/aleph/.ssh/  and set needed privileges.



    • Article last edited: 13-Sept-2020
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