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Aleph GUI client Version 22, Patch 128

  • Article Type: Q&A
  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 22


After installing Service Pack 128 in Aleph 22 I find the following GUI clients with different sizes in

gui500.exe 29,115,631
gui500.exe.sp.128 29,108,546

Which one is the correct GUI client corresponding to the Service Pack?


The active GUI client corresponding to the current Service Pack level is always named gui500.exe
Install this client.

Additional Information

File gui500.exe.sp.128 is the backup of the previous file which was automatically created during the Service Pack installation.
This backup allows the rollback of the Service Pack to a previous level if required.

The Service Pack installation creates backup for all files that were changed (e.g. also program files in $alephe_exe etc.).
This backup has always the ending 'sp.<sp number>', e.g. xxxxx.sp.128.


Category: Installation & Upgrades (500) - ALEPH

Subject: Service Pack (500) - ALEPH

  • Article last edited: 8/26/2015