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    Aleph SIP2 server and stunnel

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21, 22, 23



    Does Aleph SIP2 server support connection via stunnel?


    Aleph SIP2 server does not have built-in support for stunnel.

    - However you can build up an stunnel from your machines to port 22 (or any other port) on the hosted Aleph server and then decrypt the communication to the regular Aleph SIP2 port that expects unencrypted communication only.    The two attached documents describe this:   @api,deki,files,59977,Stunnel_Client_Configure_for_Aleph_Customers.docx,@api,deki,files,59978,Stunnel_Install-Configure_for_Aleph.docx .

    Prior to v23 rep_change 2120 Aleph only mapped the incoming sip requests by IP to the correct library in the file tab_attr_sub_library.  However, when you use stunnel, the request passes through stunnel and on to the PC server from IP 'localhost' and, if there are multiple ADM libraries, the PC server doesn't know which library to pass it on to.  This means that prior to v23 rep_change 2120 stunnel will work only with a single ADM library. 

    With v23 rep_change 2120 a request can be mapped to the relevant library via the port that it is received on. For multiple libraries the new (v23) system is to have multiple stunnel processes sent to different pc server ports and the tab_attr_sub_library maps the requests to the different libraries this way. The filename has the port number appended to it, (for example tab_attr_sub_library.5331 containing *.*.*.* USM50).

    - We approve the use of this.   However we can neither configure the stunnel nor support issues that are specially related to the use of stunnel in our infrastructure. Configuration and set-up are the customer's responsibility. 

    Thus, the connection should be done on port 22 and the configuration is your responsibility. 

    • Article last edited: 27-Dec-2017
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