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    Apache startup fails: " open failed: No such file or directory"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We just upgraded from ALEPH v16 to v18.

    I ran the utml utility to change httpd_port to 80. I cannot start apache.

    > # cd
    > /aleph/aleph/a18_1/alephe/apache/bin
    > # ./apachectl start
    > httpd: fatal: open failed: No such file or
    > directory Killed ./apachectl start: httpd could not be started

    This problem can occur when the gcc is missing from the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH....

    a18(1) >>echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    > /opt/SUNWspro/prod/lib:/exlibris/aleph/a18_1/product/local/perl:/exlibris/aleph/a18_1/product/local/cobol/coblib:/exlibris/aleph/a18_1/product> /local/gcc/lib:/lib:/usr/lib:/lib:/usr/ucblib:/exlibris/app/oracle/product/102/lib32:/exlibris/aleph/a18_1/product/local/java/jre/lib/sparc:/exlib ris/aleph/a18_1/product/local/java/jre/lib/sparc/server

    a18(1) >>cd /exlibris/aleph/a18_1/product/local/gcc/lib
    /exlibris/aleph/a18_1/product/local/gcc/lib: No such file or directory.
    a18(1) >>which gcc
    > /usr/sfw/bin/gcc

    We see that is in /usr/sfw/lib/ , so I added that to the
    $LD_LIBRARY_PATH in aleph_start.

    I changed:

    setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH


    setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH

    Then I did:

    > source aleph_start

    [Jerry Specht]
    [8/6/2007 9:31:52 PM Jerry Specht]

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013