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    Authority and bibliographic headings do not match

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph


    Authority and bibliographic headings do not match when the author field 100 in BIB library has an additional information in subfield $$e which the record in AUT library does not have. Is this the reason for not matching?


    Yes, the $$e is the reason for not matching. Here are the index entries ...

    from BIB record:
    z01_normalized_text .....$$-honess roe, annabelle $$-author
    from AUT record
    z01_normalized_text .....$$-honess roe, annabelle

    The entries are not identical and therefore do not match.

    Content of $$e in BIB library should be avoided from being indexed by adding the "e" to the list of subfields to strip:

    ! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    100## AUT -46

    Change to
    100## AUT -46e

    Check if this change is necessary also for other fields from index AUT (e.g. 700?) and add the "e" there also if required.

    Restart the ue_01, the ue_08 and the pc server. Then restart the client and open the author's index list in xxx01, entry "honess roe". Click on button "AUT recheck" in the right pane, wait a moment, then open the index list again. The index entry should now have been enhanced with the information from AUT record.

    Additional Information

    In order to create correct index entries for all older records you have to re-index ("Update Headings Index (manage-02)").

    If there are only few records which have subfield "e" added to field 100 you could instead of a complete re-indexing do the following:
    - Run "Retrieve Catalog Records (ret-01)" in order to retrieve all records which have field 100, subfield "e" (and maybe also for 700$$e?)
    - Output list of system numbers can be used as input for "Update Indexes for Selected Records (manage-40)". In this case only the affected records are newly indexed and not the whole database.

    Category: Background processing (500) - ALEPH

    Subject: Indexing (500) - ALEPH

    • Article last edited: 12/5/2013