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    Authority record updates don't update bib subject headings

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    My question is why, when an authority records is set to update the bib file, the subject headings in a bib record are not corrected along with the 1xx and 7xx fields.

    The authority record for David Niven is an example. I added the UPD=Y field to the authority record and corrected the dates in the 100 field in production. The 1xx and 7xx fields in bib records by him were corrected with the new death dates, but the 6xx fields were not corrected.

    ABC01/tab/tab_aut looks like this:

    AUT 1 ABC10
    TTL 1 ABC10
    SRS 3 ABC10
    SUB 2 ABC10
    SGN 2 ABC10
    SUL 2 ABC10

    The authority record is correctly coded for use as a subject.
    In abc10/tab/tab00.eng a GEN index is defined (as seems necessary according to tab_aut):
    H GEN ACC 11 00 00 General

    So what is missing??

    Column 7 of the xxx01 tab01.eng is the code of the headings list that is used for automatic correction of the document record field.

    There is room there for just one headings list. In the case of the 6xx tags, both the SUL and SUB could be relevant, but only *one* of them can be used for this flipping.

    In this case, tab01.eng col. 7 had "SUB". Changing it to "SUL" made the 600 field be corrected when the authority record was updated.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013