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    Authority records are not always flipping the corresponding bib headings

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Since our upgrade to v. 18 we have found that our authority records are not consistently flipping the corresponding bib headings. We have a big push on to add death dates to a lot of our authors. We load the authority record with the death date and add a 400 tag to the authority record for the author's name with the birth date only. We expect the corresponding bib headings with the birth date only to flip to the heading with the birth and death dates. However, the flip is not happening consistently. If we go to the heading and click on AUT Recheck we can force the flip but the flip used to happen (in v.16) without forcing it. We have ue-11 running - shouldn't this cause the sequence of events necessary to get the flip to happen?

    Also, we are not seeing cross references in our OPAC. For example, we have an authority record for Groundwater with a 450 tag for Underground water. If you search on Underground water in our OPAC you get nothing and there is no see reference bringing you to Groundwater. Another example is for the authority heading 'Demolition Derbies'. If you search under the 450 heading of 'Automobile Demolition Derbies' you get nothing when there should be a see reference to 'Demoltion Derbies'. Why aren't we getting our OPAC cross references.

    Here's what I found when I checked why the Underground water See Reference isn't working. If you look at the authorized form of the heading - Groundwater - in the SUB Browse index, you'll see that it hasn't even linked to the authority record. If a heading doesn't link, then none of it's See References will be inserted into the Browse index.

    I then looked to see why Groundwater didn't link in the first place. Your Subject Browse index is SUB, as defined in tab00.eng. And the table for indicating preferred heading and associated non-preferred headings - tab20 - looks correct. But if you look at column 7 of tab01.eng, which specifies which index should be used for authority control on the 650 tag, it's configured to use the SUL index. There is no SUL index defined at your site. It's in the tab00.eng table, but it's commented out.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013