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Credit-card payment by patrons in Aleph

  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct,Direct,Local,Total Care


Is "e-payment" / credit-card payment of fines, etc., by patrons possible in Aleph?


This can be done:


1.  Via the SIP2 interface.  This was done by some sites, under version 20, starting in 2009.  See Additional Information below for details. OR 


2.  Via RESTful API in Aleph 22.1 and higher:  Input XML - PUT (update) action:
 In Aleph 22.1 and later it is possible to send an update - from external system - that the Patron has paid the cash debit.

     Details can be found at .


This is version 22 rep_change 2036: Aleph enhanced to provide an  infrastructure for paying patron's debts via OPAC....


  A new PUT  DLF-API (put-pat-cash) has been introduced to support the ability to pay patron's debts via OPAC-Library Card-Cash Transactions List.
This allows receiving payment data from an external payment system (e.g. PayPal).  When payment action is completed, Aleph is updated by a PUT action of the Cash list DLF-API. The cash transaction data (Z31) is updated.

  It is the library's responsibility to set a payment receiver account at the external payment system and to implement a payment URL and a payment response when interfacing with the payment provider.

  Refer to the Exlibris Developers Network documentation of APIs/Aleph RESTful APIs/Pay Cash  and the Tech Blog/Aleph article: Aleph DLF-API for Paying Patron's Debts. .   

Additional Information

SIP2 Implementation.  


The following PowerPoint describes an integration with an external payment system (papercut) for King's College London with v.20 (prior to the v22 RESTful API): .


In addition, three knowledge articles address this topic:


1.  Automated credit card payments ( ) and the "Aleph and e-payments" document ) (2009) it refers to, has very complete information. 


2. E-payment via Aleph SIP2 Server ( )  


3. Online patron payments via credit card in Aleph ( ) (also from 2009).