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    Automatically change the item process status from 'on order' to 'in process'

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Acquisitions recently started invoicing credit card purchases as soon as they hit the the bank account, so that encumbrances don't linger on the Aleph budgets for months. This means that when an item is arrived on the order, the order automatically closes, since the Arrive status is complete and the Invoice Status is paid.

    However, it looks like this automatic closing at arrival is preventing the Item status from changing from On Order to In process (usually is triggered by the item being arrived). Is there a parameter that can be set so that the Item status is still updated?

    usm50/tab/tab42 should be able to handle this.

    Below are two possible settings - depending on whether or not it matters what the item processing status was before the order was closed.

    ! When order status=CLS, change the Item Process Status to "IP" (in process) regardless of what is was previously (e.g. "SV", etc.)
    ACQ ##### CLS IP ##

    ! When order status=CLS, change the Item Process Status to "IP" (in process) *only* if the Item Process Status was previously "SV"
    ACQ ##### CLS IP SV

    Please test this in your TEST area first to be sure it works before moving it over to PROD.

    tab42 table header:

    ! COL 3. Trigger; Action code that will trigger the change of the item processing status.

    ! COL 4. Processing status code.
    Enter blanks to remove the processing status code.
    The processing status codes are not system controlled

    ! COL 5. Previous Item processing status; only applicable when column 1. is ACQ.
    The current Item Process Status is checked, and the process status will be changed only if there is a match.
    This can be used in order to ensure that a manually entered Process Status will be retained.
    Use "##" to indicate that the current Item Process Status is irrelevant, and the change is to be made in all cases.;

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013