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    Batch HOL or ADM record deletion

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18 and up


    How to delete HOL records without deleting the according BIB records?



    Use "Load ALEPH Sequential MARC Records (manage-18)" with the following parameters

       * "Procedure to run" = "Update current records in the database"

       * "If updating current records" = "Delete a record"

    Make sure that you are connected to a HOL library OR select the according HOL library in field "Library:" (last field of the service template).


    Make sure that your input file is in Aleph Sequential format (e.g. Output of print-03). 

    The HOL record including all fields (also field LKR which holds the link to the BIB record) will be deleted. A stub record with a "DEL $$aY" field will remain.

    NOTE:  The same procedure can/would be used for deleting ADM records.

    Additional Information

    The following checks in xxx60/tab/check_doc may be relevant when deleting HOL records:

    CATALOG-DELETE       check_doc_delete_item            check for linked items
    CATALOG-DELETE       check_doc_delete_copies          check for linked subscriptions

    Note:  As described in the article " p_manage_33: running in ADM or HOL library " you should not and cannot run the manage-33 Service in an HOL library.  


    • Article last edited: 04-May-2016