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    Blocking renewals in the OPAC

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    When I was setting up the permissions for what could be done in the "my account" in the OPAC I thought I was able to block users from renewing their loans. With the implementation of PRIMO the issue has come up again, and I can't find any documentation. Am I mis-remembering or is there a way to block the user from doing renewals from the OPAC?

    The dlf_renew_loan program calls check_circ looking for the "RENEW-W-G " lines in tab_check_circ.

    I suggest that you include the same tab_check_circ entries as you are using for RENEW. Looking at the abc50 tab_check_circ, that would be:

    RENEW-W-G check_circ_1_a
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_1_b
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_1_c_a
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_1_c_b
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_1_d
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_1_e
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_1_f
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_2_a
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_2_b
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_3
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_5
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_6
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_7_b
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_8_a
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_8_b
    !RENEW-W-G check_circ_9_b
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_10_b
    RENEW-W-G check_circ_13_a

    Then restart the www_server.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013