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    Bogus ITM links in bib record; tab_z103 update_z103_order_itm

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    I have found 162 ITM links to this bibliographic record sys# 33749, all of them bogus..

    US PRB 5706 says about update_z103_order_itm in xxx50 tab_z103: "It's not clear that such links are really desirable. You may want to remove this line from the xxx50 tab_z103 so that they will not be built."

    Did any other site remove update_z103_order_itm from tab_z103 without side effects? Is this really recommended in xxx50?

    The update_z103_order_itm line means: If a Z30-ORDER-NUMBER points to a z68 record with a rec_key which is different than the rec_key of the z30 record itself, then build an ITM link to the other record.

    This function just confuses people. Sites have been operating for several years with the update_z103_order_itm deleted from the xxx50 tab_z103.

    You need to delete it.

    All versions, from version 16-up, have been distributed with the update_z103_order_itm deleted from the USM50 tab_z103.

    If you find such a case, then, after deleting the update_z103_order_itm from the xxx50 tab_z103 and restarting the pc_server and ue_01, resend the xxx50 doc record to the server, so the links will be rebuilt.

    If you have had the update_z103_order_itm in your xxx50 tab_z103 and want to see potential cases of this problem, you can run the following SQL:

    s+ xxx50

    SQL-xxx50> select z30_rec_key from z30, z68 where z30_order_number = rtrim (z68_order_number) minus select z30_rec_key from z30, z68 where substr (z30_rec_key,1,9) = substr (z68_rec_key,1,9);

    We have found that -- even though the update_z103_order_itm has been in place -- not all of these cases of items pointing to an order record for a different ADM actually have an ITM link. Until and unless we are able to refine this further, the SQL may not really be of use in locating the ITM links which have been generated by the update_z103_order_itm.

    So, if you have had the update_z103_order_itm, what should you do?

    1. Remove the update_z103_order_itm line from your xxx50 tab_z103, if you still have it.

    2. Resend individual records to the server (to have their links updated) as problem cases are encountered.

    3. When you next re-run p_manage_12 (as part of an upgrade or whenever), the ITM links which have been coming from the update_z103_order_itm will be eliminated.

    4. Contact me ( ) if you have any questions about your particular case.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013