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    CJK Authority changes not correct in OPAC

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Today we deleted a name Authority record, "Sung, Ta-hsiang" because the heading is now a 400 cross reference of another name Authority record, "Song, Daxiang." We then downloaded the new Authority record to Aleph. Looking at the web OPAC more than an hour later and searching for the author "Song, d", we see the correct "Song, Daxiang" heading with 4 documents, but the 2 cross references are to the old heading:
    Song, D. X - [LC Authority Record].
    See: Sung, Ta-hsiang.
    Song, Da-xiang - [LC Authority Record].
    See: Sung, Ta-hsiang.
    And when we search for author "Sung, ta-hsiang," it still has 4 docs (the same docs as "Song"). Shouldn’t they be cross-referencing to the correct heading, "Song, Daxiang"?.
    (The 4 individual records DO have the corrected name Song, Daxiang, in the author field).
    Also, in Cataloging, when in an XXX01 BIB record for author "Sung", "Sung, ta-hsiang" is displayed as XXX10 Authorities, 10010, UPD=Y instead of as a cross reference.

    The UTIL-F-1-29 (new in v16.02) is a useful tool in such cases. It shows all the Headings generated for a particular BIB record. For instance, for BIB # 60847 (1 of the 4 records referred to above), after all the regular fields it shows a second 100 field:
    1001 $aSung, Ta-hsiang ..
    The fields at the end of the record, after all the regular fields, are typically fields produced by expands..

    Checking the xxx01/tab/tab_expand, I see that there is a:
    ACC expand_doc_bib_multi_lng.

    I added that to the UE-39 in tab_expand:
    UE-39 expand_doc_bib_multi_lng.
    so it would show up in UTIL-F-4 and we now see the extra 100 field for Sung there too.....

    It seems that one of the vernacular headings is still in the old form and it is being transliterated and added to the record (by this expand) for ACC indexing.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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